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Real estate intermediation

Intermediation in the sale of real estate
Agency Bonus nekretnine d.o.o. is a mediator in the process of selling real estate. Our many years of work experience guarantee that we will find buyers for your property as soon as possible.
Why Bonus?
We are at your disposal to facilitate the process of buying and selling real estate. We offer you our proven services to get the burden off your back in the simplest, fastest and most efficient way.
Intermediation in the purchase of real estate
Mediating in the purchase of real estate is a great pleasure and challenge for us as you provide us with the opportunity to participate in a very important step in life, and that is finding and buying your ideal home.
Once you have decided to take this big step, our agents will listen carefully to your wishes and needs and, in accordance with them, start the realization as soon as possible.
Buying real estate is a complex process that will be much easier for you through our mediation than it seems at first glance.
Mediation in renting / leasing real estate
Sometimes it may be a better option to live in a rented apartment or house than to commit to one location for the rest of our lives. Nowadays, such situations are becoming more common.
Increased mobility and hectic lifestyles increased demand for rental apartments and houses. We are ready to offer you rentals at the best prices! We have a great offer in which you will surely find something for yourself.
Also, we will be happy to draw up a lease agreement for you, and if necessary to protect the landlord and tenant, we recommend solemnization with a notary public.
In addition, we are actively looking for and contacting potential tenants because we make every effort to ensure that the property is never empty.